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Problem Case: Corona Crisis

Were we unprepared? Obviously.
Had there not been any warnings? There had been.
As early as 2015, at the time of the Ebola epidemic, Bill Gates dared to express a prognosis: “If something will kill more than 10 million people within the next decades, then it will most likely be a highly infectious virus and not a war. … We have not been prepared for the next epidemic.”

Who or what will help us get out of this terrible pandemic – the Corona Crisis?

Hans Rosling, former professor for International Health at the Karolinksa Institutet in Stockholm, wrote in his book „Factfulness“ (2019, in German, Ulstein) about his experience with Ebola in Liberia in 2014: ”The fight against this deadly virus was won very undramatically by governmental and local health workers. These people risked their lives to care for dying men and women. They took on the difficult, dangerous, explosive work to find all the people who had been in contact with the sick and isolate them. These brave and patient servants of a functioning society hardly ever find the attention they deserve. Yet they are the real saviours of the world.“

I would say they are the real heroes still today in their fight against the Corona epidemic.

In 2005 Rosling launched his Gapminder Foundation (www.gapminder.org) together with his son and daughter in law. The goal of the foundation is to contrast a world view based on solid facts with the global devastating ignorance.

That is what we need: Factfulness against Fake News and Ignorance.